Air Pear Model 45 Features

The Air Pear® Thermal Equalizer Model 45 AVAILABLE IN 4 VERSIONS. See motor options below.

The Air Pear Thermal Equalizer Model 45 represents the state of the art in Air Destratification/Thermal Equalization.


  • Destratification fan/Air Turbine
  • Designed to deliver columnar laminar flow of air from ceiling to floor


  • Used to de-stratify/thermally equalize buildings
  • Used to equalize humidity
  • Used to increase thermal comfort during the summer and winter
  • Used to reduce ceiling temperature to extend life of lighting ballast
  • Used in suspended ceilings with optional kit
  • Optional accessories to adapt unit to varying requirements and conditions

Attributes & Characteristics

  • Quiet & energy efficient operation
  • Small amp draw
  • Long throw
  • Easy installation
  • Columnar laminar flow
  • Free hanging, unit can be angled up to 90º off vertical


  • Reduce energy consumption up to 35% or more
  • Contact manufacturer for selection consultation
  • Can be used in suspended ceiling
  • Designed for a mounting height up to 38 ft (PS-P4) or 45 feet (PS-P2, EC, EL)
  • 0 to 190 watt energy efficient operation
  • Capable of temperature balance within 0º to 3º F with proper density


  • Made from recyclable materials
  • Meets LEED EA Credit - Optimize Energy Performance
  • Recyclable corrugated packaging

Code Approval


  • PSP2, EC, EL models capable of covering up to 1500 ft² or a 44 ft coverage diameter
  • PSP4 models capable of covering up to 1200 ft² or a 40 ft coverage diameter
  • Capable of temperature control within 0º to 3º F with proper array/density of units
  • Performance and results of the Air Pear are subject to many variables such as, but not limited to, the interior environment, exterior environment, conditions of building structure, HVAC system performance and/or electrical service and thus actual results may vary

Shipping & Handling

  • All products are shipped FOB factory
  • Product will ship based on availability, contact manufacturer or reseller


  • Warranty offered - 3-year from shipping date
  • Money back guarantee - 30 days
  • Refurbish program after 3-year warranty period


  • Do not install in environments open to the elements (Contact manufacturer)
  • Should not mount over 45 feet

Safety Precautions

  • Seismic restraint point for earthquake codes provided
  • Thermal overload protection provided
  • Always hold the Air Pear by the bail/crosspiece to avoid injury from moving parts


  • Available across North, Central, and South America
  • Available across UK, EU, and Middle East
  • Available across Mediterranean
  • Available across Oceania


  • Consult manufacturer sales offices or distributors for specific product costs


Model 45 Properties

Materials, Dimensions & Properties

Housing data:

14 lbs (6.4 kgs)
Height to Rim:
18 in (457 mm)
Total Height:
24 in (610 mm)
15 in (380 mm)

PSP4 Motor data:

Watts* @ 50/60 htz:
44/46 42/45
RPM* @ 50/60 htz: 1400/1650 1400/1630
CFM* (m³/hr) @ 50/60 htz: 595/715 (1010/1215) 595/707 (1010/1200)
Amps* @ 50/60 htz: .40/.41 .19/.20

PSP2 Motor data:

Watts* @ 50/60 htz: 120/175 125/165 190
RPM* @ 50/60 htz: 2550/2700 2450/2600 2900
CFM* (m³/hr) @ 50/60 htz:







Amps* @ 50/60 htz: 1.05/1.48 0.54/0.7 0.7

EC or EL Motor data:

Watts* @ 50/60 htz: 0 - 170 0 - 175
RPM* @ 50/60 htz: 0 - 2850 0 - 3050
CFM* (m³/hr) @ 50/60 htz:

0 - 1180

(0 - 2004)

0 - 1290

(0 - 2191)

Amps* @ 50/60 htz: 0 - 2.2 0 - 1.4

*Motor data supplied by motor manufacturer. Subject to change at any time.

  • Constructed from recyclable materials
  • The outer shell and stator are fire rated 5VA materials
  • Power cord is a 3 wire, 18 AWG (or 16 AWG) 300VAC rated electrical cord, UL rated in North America as SJT or for CE/EU compliance rated as HO5VV
  • 120VAC version comes with molded three prong plug
  • 230/277VAC versions do not have a plug supplied
  • PSC - Permanents Split Capacitor motor
  • EC - Electrically Commutated, 92% efficient motor
  • EL - Electrically Commutated, 92% efficient, LISA enabled motor
  • Motor is thermally protected. Shutoff is at 275º F (135º C) & reset is at 255º F (125º C)
  • 0 - 79 dB(A)* at 50/60 htz
  • No lubrication required. Bearings are sealed
  • Proudly made in the USA

Accessories & Options

  • Available in single phase 115/230/277VAC
  • Air Pear suspended ceiling kit - Allows model 45 Air Pear to be mounted in a dropped ceiling grid
  • Air Pear speed control - TRIAC speed control to adjust top end RPM (PSC), Potentiometer to alter 0 - 10VDC control (EC), or FanCenter wireless (EL)
  • Building management systems can vary speed of EC based on a 0-10VDC 
  • FanCenter hardware/software (only available with EL models) - Individually addressable Fan management system. Monitor/control speed, direction, 24/7/365 scheduling, and error reporting
  • Wireless - EL models have a wireless option to eliminate control wires
  • Colors: PMS Cool gray 2C (off white), PMS gray 432C (gray) or Black (not pictured)


  Cool gray 2C                          PMS gray 432C

                                                  "Off White"                                   "Gray"  

For reference only. Pantone colors on computer screens may vary based on the graphics card and monitor in your system. For true accuracy use the Pantone Color Publication.


Model 45 Placement


  • Install electrical circuit(s) and outlet(s) in accordance with national and local electric codes 
  • Outlets should generally be mounted vertically unless a “twist/locking” type is being used
  • Wall switch may be installed in circuit to disable power and prevent electrical hazards when servicing
  • Confirm electrical continuity of Air Pear on the ground before permanently mounting in the ceiling


  • The Air Pear performs best when installed such that the air column/exhaust from the nozzle is unimpeded to the floor
  • Mount 12-18 inches off ceiling deck to intake
  • Use professionally installed hardware, capable of supporting a minimum of five times the weight
  • Hardware to hang the unit includes but is not restricted to: Hooks, chains, cables, carabiners, bridle rings, beam clamps and bolts
  • Density of the placement is a direct relationship to the effectiveness, performance and savings
  • Floor plans, mezzanines, office locations, machinery, people placement, plumbing, lighting, duct work, electrical systems, natural light/air systems, cranes, doors, windows, ventilation and fire suppression systems are all factors in properly locating the Air Pear system within the ceiling


  • PSP4 model capable of covering up to 1200 ft² or a 40 ft coverage diameter with a mounting height up to 38 ft
  • PSP2, EC, and EL models capable of covering up to 1500 ft² or a 44 ft coverage diameter with a mounting height up to 45 ft


  • Designed to operate 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week to maintain thermal equalization/humidity equalization
  • Use optional speed control to fine tune RPM if needed


  • Frequency of cleaning will vary by application and environment
  • You may clean the plastic housing with a damp warm cloth, using mild household detergents
  • Do not use petroleum products, thinners or solvents to clean any part of the Air Pear
  • If the Air Pear system fails, contact manufacturer


  • MasterFormat: HVAC Axial Fans - 23 34 13, Ceiling Fans - 11 34 00, Air Curtains - 23 34 33, Commercial Ceiling Fans - 23 34 70

May be covered by one or more of the following United States Patents: 7,381,129 B2; D514688 and other patents pending

Free Hanging Unit

Air Pear Model 45 Downloads:

Model 45-PSP4 Submittal

Model 45-PSP2 Submittal

Model 45-EC Submittal

Model 45-EL Submittal

Destratification Fan Model 45 Data Sheet

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