Air Pear your most efficient, cost-effective destratification system available

The Air Pear Thermal Equalizer system is the most efficient destratification fan available. Our cost-effective products work alongside your existing HVAC systems. Easy to install, simple to maintain and easily adaptable to changing floor plans.

Airius has six models that accommodate nearly any working environment. Our units are appropriate for ceiling heights from 8 to 100 feet and are designed to service up to 2,500 square feet each.

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Air Pear Thermal Equalizer

The Air Pear destratification free-hanging fan is an extremely efficient air turbine that is suspended just below ceiling height.

Each Air Pear harvests hot ceiling air and transports it to the floor below in a non-turbulent column to create a better working environment and reduce total energy consumption.

All models conform to UL Standard 507. Fan and all components comply with ETL and CE requirements for electric fans.

See individual model information (Model numbers are indicative of mounting height):


Air Pear Selection Guide

Suspended Ceiling Kit for Air Pear Models 10, 15, 25

The Air Pear suspended ceiling kit accommodates ceiling heights from 8 to 35 feet and is adaptable to changing floor plans. The Air Pear is ultra quiet to avoid any additional noise pollution in the work environment.

Custom applications for higher ceilings are available.

Suspended Ceiling Kit & Applications

PhotoHydroIonzation (PHI) Air Pear fights molds, kills bacteria

Our PhotoHydroIonization (PHI) Air Pear Thermal Equalizer not only eliminates temperature differential and saves energy but also uses highly charged negative ions that attack mold, kill bacteria and eliminate nasty odors. The PHI Air Pear produces a significant improvement in building air quality.

PHI Kit & Applications

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 Open Ceiling Installation

Suspended Ceiling Installation













































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