The Air Pear and Designer Series are energy efficient destratification fans, designed to continuously move a column of air to the floor for destratification and air circulation purposes. A typical installation includes a series of units mounted just below the ceiling, evenly spaced throughout a facility, working in concert to improve comfort and reduce HVAC energy consumption. Whether you’re heating or cooling a space, thermal equalization provides better thermal control, reduced HVAC runtime and reduced HVAC cycle frequency. As a general rule of thumb,

Product Lines

Air Pear Free Hanging Fans

The original Airius fan, first introduced in 2004, is available in several models with various motors and controls to accommodate ceiling heights from 8 to 100 feet, ranging from the short Model 10 to the largest Model 100. Utilizing Airius’ patented stator technology, the fans maximize throw distance using minimal power. Free hanging units are available in off white, gray or black. Model 100 only available in off white.


Air Pear Suspended Ceiling Fans

The Air Pear Suspended Ceiling model functions the same as a traditional Air Pear and installs into a 2 ft. x 2 ft. T-bar ceiling grid, allowing for an easy and unobtrusive installation. The dome over the top of the unit separates the upper ceiling space from the conditioned space below. Available in off white or black.


Designer Series Fans

The Designer Series functions the same as a traditional Air Pear, but it’s enclosed in a cylindrical housing for architecturally sensitive installations. The custom made Designer Series is available with several motor and control options and can be custom painted to match your facility.



Photohydroionzation (PHI) Cell

The PHI air purification and odor control cell can be incorporated into either the Air Pear or Designer Series fans. The cell emits natural air purifiers called ionized hydroperoxides that are evenly circulated throughout a space by the Air Pear or Designer Series fans. The PHI cell can improve indoor air quality by mitigating bacteria, viruses, mold, odors and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that plague many indoor environments.


Fan Controls

Airius fans are intended for continuous operation and fan speed variability is often a desired feature for fine tuning air flow across a space. Airius offers a wide range of options that span from simple TRIAC speed controls to the top of the line wireless FanCenter Manager. Whether you wish to have a plug-and-play system or tie the fan control directly into your building automation system, know that Airius has the ability to meet your control requirements.




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